Wisata Bahari Lamongan

It’s a recreation centre that has more than 65 objects. It is located next to and has direct access to TANJUNG KODOK BEACH RESORT.

Maharani Zoo & Goa

It’s an educational recreation centre for family with various animal collection and beautiful precious stones gallery in the legendary Maharani Cave.


SUNAN DRAJAT’S GRAVE -It’s the grave of one of Wali Songo. It’s only 7 kilometers from the hotel and it only takes 15 minutes to go there.
SUNAN SENDANG NDUWUR’S GRAVE – Besides Sunan Drajat’s grave there is Sunan Sendang Nduwur’s grave which is located not so far from the hotel.
SYEKH MAULANA ISHAQ’S GRAVE-Another religious/spiritual tourism object near Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort area is Syekh Maulana Ishaq’s grave. He was Sunan Giri’s father.

Batik Centre

Besides buying beautiful hand painted batik “Sendang” of many patterns, you can also try to make hand painted batik guided by batik artists/craftsmen. This hand painted batik is called “Sendang” because it is located in Sendang village, Lamongan.

Kutang Beach

In the past this beach was used as a garbage disposal area. Lots of fabrics hanged in the mangrove trees. They looked like bras which is “kutang” in Javanese. That’s why the beach is called Kutang beach. Now the beach is clean, beautiful, and facilitated with a long bridge above the sea.

Delegan Beach

It’s a beach tourism destination with white sand in a wide area.  It’s located about 15 kilometers from the hotel. It takes about 20 minutes to go there from Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort Hotel.

Brondong Fish Auction Centre

It’s the biggest fish auction centre in the North Beach area. It’s about 7 kilometers from the hotel and can be reached in 15 minutes. You can buy many kinds of high quality fresh fish cheaply there.


There are unique Akar Langit trees that grow only in two places in the world. One of them is Prambon area, Brondong district, Lamongan regency. Trinil tourism destination is located in this area. It’s 15 kilometers from the hotel. It takes about 20 minutes to go there from the hotel.